Hire, Grow, Harvest!

8% Daily ~ 2920% APR

8% Referral Bonus

4% Hire Bonus

12 Hours Compound Timer

4 Hours Withdraw Cooldown

48 Hours Rewards Accumulation Cut-Off

10 Times Mandatory Compound Feature

80% Feedback Tax For Early Withdrawals.

TotalBUSDwait for claim (open at wallet browser to see)

TotalDepositCount (connect to wallet to see )
Important Note!

To ensure sustainability and longevity of the project, AND as an enhancement from the previous similar miner game, the crops farmers team has implemented a feature that would encourage/enforce farmers to continuously compound before taking profit.

Users should compound X no. of times before they can withdraw. Should a farmer decide not to compound or hire more farmers using his earnings, and continuously withdraw, farmer will be charged with a 80% feedback tax that will remain part of the contract.

In Addition, to further encourage the community to re-hire/compound, there will be an additional 3% bonus for each compound action that the user will do, which can stack up to 40% for 10 consecutive times / 5 days. By doing so, this will ensure the long term potential profit of every investor.

The best strategy that the team can recommend is to re-hire/compound for 5 days and harvest 1 day a week. This will increase the users investment at the same time increasing the daily yield earnings. This strategy has already been tried and tested by several project and is proven effective.

Farmer Dashboard

Initial Deposit
Total Deposit
Sold Crops
Referral Rewards (-)
Hiring Example
100BUSDgets you:
Farmers: 0
Daily: 0BUSD

1. Approve BUSD
Deposit BUSD ( min0 , max0)
- Farmers
Estimated daily yield

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Compound Count: 0

Time until next hire bonus is activated: --:--:--
Every time you hire or re-hire Farmers after the time interval, the compound counter will increase and your hire bonus grows by -% (max +-%). Harvesting crops will reset your bonus to 0.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the BUSD Crops Farmers?

    The BUSD Crops Farmer is a decentralized application built on the Binance Smart Chain(BSC). The object of the game is to hire more farmers to help you mine BUSD. These Farmers work for you tirelessly, giving you a daily average of 8% of your farmers' value.

    The more farmers you hire, the more crops you will get , the more BUSD you will gain

  • how to start mine BUSD and how to withdraw ?

    1.Open busdtminer.info at wallet browser ,choose binance smart chain

    2.Input how much busd you wanna appove, click Appove BUSD, finish the transation (Here gas fee 0.00002BNB about 0.2$)

    3.Input how much busd you wanna deposit into contract ,click Hire Farmers.(Here gas fee 0.00002BNB about 0.2$)

    4.Wait for farmers working for you ,and you can drink a coffee ,get the Crops after the timer cool down .

    5.Click Harverst Crops after 4 hours. BUSD will auto sending to your wallet.

    6. you can choose Hire more farmers compound or harvest to withdraw by yourself.

  • what to mention ?

    Open the platform at wallet brower (such as trust wallet, metamask), or you can click connect at the corner of website when you connet it at PC browser .

    Choose binance smart chain(BSC ,BEP20) only . Firstly appove busd then hire farmers.

  • What is the recommended strategy?

    Hire more farmers ,hire more farmers, hire more farmers. copy the referral link, promote it , you will get 8% of each deposit instant.